Gaiafield Network Core Practices

Daily Resonance Practice:
This is our synchronized daily three-minute meditation practice that occurs at 12noon US Pacific.


Weekly Attunement Call:
This is a 30-minute call held on Fridays at 1pm US Pacific. The purpose of the call is to determine the weekly focus for our daily resonance practice. We enter into our Higher Mind Chamber and tune in for guidance about where to put our collective focus. Individuals make proposals and the group ‘votes’ to determine which proposal has the strongest group resonance.


Monthly Full Moon Call:
This is a one-hour call held monthly on the full moon. We reconnect with our group ‘tree’ and open to the energy of the full moon. We allow ourselves and our field to bathe in the light of the full moon and then transmit that energy into the world.



Email and Text Reminders:
We provide you with the option to receive reminders for the above practices via text and/or email. These reminders are sent to your text and/or email inbox five minutes before each activity. This service is offered as part of the 1BODy initiative that envisions a global network of nodes that will have the capacity to engage in coordinated subtle activism at local, regional, and global levels. 

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