Shifting to Oneness consciousness of love, peace, and healing for COP21, the World, and the Planet

This is to offer an integration of the 3 suggestions below, which seem highly interrelated to me. Shifting consciousness for those who are drawn into anger and blame toward all Muslims, and for all those affected by the events in Paris in other ways, is now an integral part of the preparations for the Climate Conference, as we want oneness consciousness and light and love to permeate Paris and those proceedings.


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    …i like the essence of what margaret shares about this one….yet in the ‘living’ of it in the group focus…methinks it could be almost too ‘general’ per se… i prefer an more focused response to the ‘muslim’ issue…or peoples affected in/by paris….or climate/cop21………as posted…my preference is the ‘muslim’ issue…because i feel it is core next layer per se to be sorted in australia here and many other western nations……and is very ‘alive’ at the moment……ho
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