GROUP ACTION Suggestions

What group action should we take to embody the intentions of our subtle work?

Two ways to participate:

  2. VOTE on existing suggestions by clicking on the title 
    a. Rank your top 3 favorites — see points below
    b. Comment to add value to the suggestion
    c. Be sure to click “Post your Response” after commenting or voting


PLEASE RANK YOUR TOP 3 FAVORITES with the following points
(you can change your top 3 any time before Friday Nov 13, at 7PM)

3 Points= Your favorite
2 Points = Your second favorite
1 Point = Your third favorite

NOTE: We will add the points to determine the most resonant suggestions

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Weekly Special Focus Practice

Weekly "Special Focus" 3 day group meditations. Ideas & votes for weekly 'special focus' to be in by Wed at 1pm Pacific on site Special Focus will be sent at as email/text (11:55 Pacific) to those who've opted in on Thu, Fri & Sat

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Facebook Connecting with Shared Message

We all agree to come to our private group FB page at a time that is challenging for most of us, e.g., 2am US Pacific, and post the same comment, e.g. "I AM -- WE ARE".

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Financially Support Specific Group(s)

Make a financial contribution to an organization or cause chosen by our group.

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Anchor Energy at Climate Change Conference

We each contribute $10 to a fund to subsidize group member Gail Spence's trip to Paris on the weekend before the Climate Change Conference. Gail anchors the energy of our group in Paris as part of a public Gaiafield Attunement call on Sept. 29.

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Gaiafield Earth Treasure Vase

Offering our prayers and blessings into the Gaiafield Earth Treasure Vase, which will likely be buried in the Earth sometime in 2016 at a venue TBD.

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Water Blessings

We each take a large container of water and bless the water with prayerful, positive thoughts, wishes and feelings of love, gratitude for our world. Then we take this to a body of water, large or small and pour it in.

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