Facebook Connecting with Shared Message

We all agree to come to our private group FB page at a time that is challenging for most of us, e.g., 2am US Pacific, and post the same comment, e.g. "I AM -- WE ARE".


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  • commented 2015-11-13 16:52:48 -0800
    I like the idea of us sustaining interconnectedness and awareness of each other this way…..but in an broader time frame way…….I AM so over commiting to things that generate pressures ….like an particular time to log on……just not realistic in my song….i have long periods when i do not be on line or have my phone on…and i like it this way…..over an 24-48 hour period i could expect to be able to fulfill this idea …eg…sometime every weekend……wherever we be in the world when the weekend is…….and the thing i like about the weekend idea is it highlights the different time zones…which i enjoy in streaming programmes such as this…..when i join the live stream middle wednesday here it is already streaming out of my yesterday (tuesday where you are streaming from)…blessings…elanra
  • commented 2015-11-12 21:37:25 -0800
    This is a trial for us to be able to track our commitment, with a clear intention for all of us to participate.
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